Beam Press

The Beam press is best suited for cutting hides or sheet stock material using steel cutting dies. 

  • Large cutting area of 3m x 2.5m.
  • 200 tonnes of cutting pressure for large or multiple tools.
  • Four cutting tables for high volume production.

CNC Press

The CNC Press is ideal for cutting roll stock materials.

  • High volume cutting due to its conveyor fed cutting system.
  • Automatic nesting and yield calculation.
  • Suitable for cutting: PVC, Felt, Textiles, Foam, Rubber, Composites, Packaging, Paper, Card and Plastics.

Laser Cutter

The Laser cutter is ideal for development, low volume production and cutting other non textile materials.

  • All patterns are digitized allowing for rapid pattern alterations for development.
  • No contact between the cutting head and material giving consistent part accuracy
  • No tooling cost as all parts are digitized.
  • Cut multiple different materials (see table)
  • Add laser engraving to cut parts.
  • Cuts complex shapes.


Hide inspection

Identifying natural characteristics using a Bima inspection table prior to cutting.

  • Stretches the hide to highlight natural characteristics such as scars and marks usually only visible after trimming. 
  • Working with our customers we can grade hides based on there specifications, either leaving certain natural scars and marks or highlighting all defects.
  • We can also grade pattern into quality zones leaving areas defect free and others with scars to improve cutting yield.