Pattern Development

With a wealth of experience our development team have made patterns for hundreds of vehicles and luxury leather goods. We always strive for perfection in our work creating patterns that sew and fit effortlessly.




Using both traditional and modern methods we develop patterns to fit any and all objects. We can give advice for how to alter moldings for trimming with the addition of sewing grooves or altering high tension areas. All our patterns are then cut in card and can be digitized and stored digitally for extra security or for CAD/CAM operations. 




We have all the equipment on sight to prototype patterns and ensure that it sews, trims and can be assembled successfully. In this phase we send samples to the client and make alterations according to their comments creating exactly what they want.




After development we are capable to mass-produce your product in house. We have a working sewing and cutting department that can supply to your requirements. See our other services to see what we are capable of.